Levsha designer diary

for designers and creative


The Diary is created for designers, as well as people of other creative professions. It will help you to organize your plans really easy, structure the working schedule, make notes of your ideas, thoughts and wishes.
Diary is undated
Hard cover
Black or Kraft packaging
Size: 130x210 mm
Number of pages: 176
Paper: 130 g/m² top quality heavy paper
chlorine free bleached (TCF)
without any optical brightening agents (OBAs)
the paper retains a natural uncoated feel
with an off-white shade.
Choose your dog!
Diary’s sections

Diary consists of sections:

  • Personal data / Calendar
  • Day-plans / Week-plans / Plans for 2016-2017
  • Canned
  • Desires
  • Competitions
  • Notes

Apart from the main sections, there’re numerous details in the diary, which will make you happy. The diary is not dated. So if you miss one or several days, nothing will happen. You can continue keeping a diary from the place, where you finished. Therefore there will be no spaces and missed sheets.

Full view of all section






Front page

Personal Data

Calendar | Sections

Calendar | Sections
















Bookmarks + Postcards



White mat cover with hand-made illustration of а bull-terrier.

The beautiful idea with the muzzle package will please you each time you open the diary.

Kraft packaging.

You can choose kraft packaging or black mat packaging.

Identity pattern in the form of a dog food.

When your diary is lost, Personal Data helps you to find it. Enter your name/nickname, e-mail, phone number and for a consideration line.

Calendar for 2016 (June) to 2017 (May). Weekends are marked with dots. Sections are made in a form of pictograms, which make available the search through the diary.

Illustration of tangled hair and comb teeth. On the right bottom corner there is a comb and dinscription “to brush, to arrange your plans”.

One center-spread is designed for 8 days and 7 or 8 tasks per day. If there are more tasks you can fill in next day section and so on. This section is designed for one-day planning.
How to complete diary: 1 ― choose current month, 2 ― day, 3 ― choose the date, 4 ― time (it makes planning convenient), 5 ― a list of plans and tasks. Write your plans!
(44 pages — 176 days)

When you turn the pages the comb loses its teeth and on the last page there are no teeth at all. It’s also an element of this section navigation.

There is almost the same way of arranging your plans, but you can divide them into 3 ― difficult and 4 ― easy ones. Separation of complex tasks, from simple help you to quickly deal with the plans.
How to complete: 1 ― choose current month, 2 ― choose the date, 3 ― difficult tasks, 4 ― easy tasks. Write your plans!
(42 pages — 147 days)

Here you can make up your plans for a year ahead.
Plans for 2016 (June) to 2017 (May).

When interesting ideas appear in your head it’s necessary to fix them and make some free space in your head for new ones. Canned section is designed for fixing and keeping new ideas until they are ready enough.
The illustration ― a glass can stuffed with ideas.

The can with some space designed for ideas descriptions and their concepts.
Each of 44 pages is designed for 2 ideas.
(44 pages ― 88 ideas!)

All our thoughts are real. Visualize your desires, your dreams, your goals.
Describe how you can make them real.
(6 pages ― 72 desires)

For self-development and internal growth one need to take part in different competitions. Write into the medals the most important competitions in which you want to take part. These facing pages will remain how a designer
can show what he or she is made of.
(1 page — 22 medals)

Section opening looks like a bench marked by a dog. As if it was making notes at its territory. A funny analogue to your notes :)

Lined section is designed for writing memos.
(20 pages)

Apart from the main sections, there’re numerous details in the diary,
which will make you happy.

Drawings made with pens Staedtler.
(Staedtler Pigment Liners Marker Pen — 0.05 and 0.1 mm)

Drawings made with pens Staedtler.
(Staedtler Pigment Liners Marker Pen — 0.05 and 0.1 mm)

Delicious bones for your Dog (for free):
set of bookmarks (3 pcs.) + set of cards (9 pcs.)

time management

Organize your time


Packaging will keep your diary

your personality

Stylish beautiful thing

best friend

Always there, always help

canning ideas

Keep your ideas


Visualize your dreams


Remember competitions


Writing memos

Organize your life beautifully

There are plenty of thoughts, goals, plans in a creative thinker’s head! They appear again and again, filling all the head. In order to have space for new ideas you need to get rid of the old ones and keep them in a safe place!

Your personality

Also this is a wonderful accessory, which is always pleasant to hold in hands. It will compliment your personality and your excellent sense of taste. Beautiful stylish thing, which shall every creative person own. Keep your secrets in a precious and safe place. An Exclusive thing for those who care!

Levsha Designer Diary was creating with soul and dedication. The most simple functionality nicely goes with the esthetic content of the diary. Over a year was spent on the diary’s design. And now I’d like you to evaluate this work!

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